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Tadpole Logo
Tadpole Logo


Our newest imprint, Tadpole, is designed for students learning to read. With official F&P levels of A-E and ATOS levels of 0.5-0.9, Tadpole books are the perfect first nonfiction reading experience.

Developed to support reading instruction, each book features predictable and repetitive text patterns and includes high-frequency and familiar content words. Age-appropriate subjects, vibrant photographs, and thoughtfully crafted text help the youngest students learn to read their very first nonfiction books.

Tadpole also offers a “Tools for Teachers” page at the beginning of every book, which includes:

  • Skills to teach: punctuation, text type, phonics, high-frequency and content words
  • Before and After reading activities
  • Curriculum connections

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Reading Level: Grade PreK-K
Interest Level: Grade PreK-1
ATOS Level: 0.5–0.9
F&P: A-E
Word Count: ~60
Pages: 16
Trim: 6.5″ x 9″


Table of Contents

Words to Know


Close photo/text match

Consistent text placement on the page

“Tools for Teachers” offering supports for reading instruction

Bullfrog Books Logo
Bullfrog Books Logo

Bullfrog Books

Our first imprint, Bullfrog Books, is designed for beginning readers in grades K-2. With ATOS levels of 1.0 or lower and Lexile levels between BR and 320L, these low-level, high-interest titles help young readers bridge the gap of understanding between the text on the page and its reference to the world.

Developed to support the goals of the Common Core Reading Standards for Informational Text, Bullfrog Books help readers understand key features of text, build vocabulary, identify main topics and themes, and explain how images contribute to and clarify a text. Each Bullfrog title offers strategies for teachers, parents, and other adults to increase literacy skills, improve book knowledge, and instill a love of reading in children.

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Reading Level: Grade K
Interest Level: Grade K-3
ATOS Level: 1.0 or lower
Word Count: ~100
Pages: 24
Size: 7.75″ x 7.75″


Full-color photographs

Carefully leveled text

Table of contents, picture glossary, diagrams, index

Reading tips for teachers and parents safe search engine


Pogo books are written for children in grades 2-5 focusing on STEM and Social Studies topics. Each book is broken into three chapters and provides back matter that includes a glossary, index, and online access to curated web sites. Designed for early fluent readers, each Pogo title offers strategies for teachers, parents, and other adults to increase literacy skills, improve book knowledge, and instill a love of reading in children


Pogo STEM books are designed to get children interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics as they practice navigating increasingly complex nonfiction narrative formats. High interest topics such as robots and natural disasters are tied to STEM curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards to create books that are both educational and fun to read.

Pogo Social Studies

Pogo Social Studies focuses on key social studies and C3 (College, Career, and Civic Life) curriculum topics, prompting inquiry and encouraging children to take action. These books are designed to heighten awareness of our changing cultural and physical environments, to understand the past, to think deeply about the issues we currently face, to act in ways that promote the common good, and to create knowledgeable an active citizens.

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Reading Level: Grade 2
Interest Level: Grade 2-5
ATOS Level: 2.7–2.9
Word Count: ~475
Pages: 24 Size: 7.5″ x 9″


Infographics, including maps, diagrams, graphs

Labeled images

Sidebars that extend and expand upon main text content (Pogo Stem)

"Take Action" activity or "Quick Facts" charts to extend learning (Pogo Social Studies)

Glossary, index, and curated web sites

Carefully controlled text